Top Vendors

BSM Facility Group Services
  • Founded in 1979
S&H Interiorscapes
  • Founded in 1999
  • Woman-Owned
  • Founded in 1984
  • Eco-Friendly
Some Like it Green
  • Founded in 2003
  • Family-Owned
  • Eco-Friendly
Oasis Plantscaping
  • Founded in 2005
  • Family-Owned
  • Eco-Friendly

Save time, save money, and run a better workplace

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The best landscape service providers, competitive bids, and fast turnaround time

Using Eden's services marketplace, you can receive multiple bids on any landscape service that you may need to your office or commercial space.

We identify and onboard vendors who are recommended by real office managers in your city, and complete multiple reference checks to make sure they are great.

Eden guarantees the outcome you need. All landscape services are covered by our happiness guarantee (and a $1 million insurance policy).