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Avantha arachchi
Avantha Arachchi
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Briefcase icon@2x Tatcha
Map pin icon@2x New York City/New Jersey

What inspires Avantha's team?

Avantha is our office hero, fixing everything, making what you need magically appear, negotiating amazing deals for our whole team and most of all, making each person feel cared for. Avantha inspires me to help make our office a more beautiful place to work and be.

What are you proud of?

We were named the fastest growing company in SF last year and being part of that exponential growth throughout our company while still being a team of 1 in Office Operations and People is something I take pride in. I don’t think that anyone feels like their needs are being unmet or our culture has changed much even as we’ve tripled since I joined.

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Kristina conaway
Kristina Conaway
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Briefcase icon@2x Moogsoft
Map pin icon@2x Madison, WI

What inspires Kristina's team?

Kristina's dedication is a big inspiration to our start up. She truly exemplifies the attributes of what is needed at a small company. No job, no matter how big or small, is beyond her. On a daily basis she acts as the assistant to 4+ executives with very busy travel schedules, office administrator, HR, and sometimes even acts like a daycare for us. :)

Why do you love what you do?

My favorite part of being an EA and Office Manager is that every day is so different. I love learning new skills and getting to know the ins and outs of the business while working directly with the executive team. I also love knowing pretty much everyone in the company – it makes coming to work that much more fun!

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Michelle ewokoge
Michelle Ekwoge
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Briefcase icon@2x Rentlytics
Map pin icon@2x Columbus, GA

What inspires Michelle's team?

Michelle came in like a wrecking ball... i.e. she wrecked our glum atmosphere and filled it with a massive orb of positive energy. She not only exemplifies positivity and teamwork, but she organizes our office incredibly well and sets up an atmosphere that inspires everyone else to take better care of it.

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve dealt with?

As an office manager I do a lot of HR work too, and it’s incredibly hard when I have to be the bearer of bad news. It’s hard to say goodbye, but I feel better knowing that I can still help. I’ve been suggesting recruiters and offering to babysit kids. It’s challenging, but I can still be there for my former colleagues outside of work.

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Victor lord
Victor Lord
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Briefcase icon@2x Handshake
Map pin icon@2x Metro-Detroit

What inspires Victor's team?

Victor is the person that just always puts the team on his back. He's the silent hero that makes sure everything keeps spinning, making it look effortless no matter how big or small the task. Need a recruiter to fill in for a while? Victor. Need a film produced? Victor. Need someone to get 20 pizzas here in the next 30 minutes somehow? Victor, ‘Yeah man, no problem.'

What are you proud of?

I’m just proud of our team’s ability to grow and add team members that fit our company culture really well. Every time we bring on a new person entire teams get a lot more powerful really quickly. Seeing them choose us just as much as we choose them is really inspiring. It makes me super proud to be part of Handshake.

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Lisa lorenz
Lisa Lorenz
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Briefcase icon@2x Celigo
Map pin icon@2x San Mateo, CA

What inspires Lisa's team?

She is the one who handles ALL ‘the little things’ that everyone appreciates but always takes for granted. She is the person who not only handles all ordering, event planning, office needs, remodels, new hires, phone and internet issues, HR, payroll, etc, but she does so with an infectious joy that makes everything more fun.

Why do you love what you do?

It inspires me that people are having fun in their environment. Good attitudes and upbeat people who are willing to work together – I love that. I’m the Office Manager, but I’ve also worn the HR hat, onboarding, A/P, so I’ve had my hands in a lot of different buckets. I have a lot people helping me, and I feel respected.

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Annie nguyen
Annie Nguyen
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Briefcase icon@2x Quizlet
Map pin icon@2x Portland, OR

What inspires Annie's team?

Annie's ability to whip the company into shape while doing so in a friendly and pleasant way has shown me how to get things done in a fashion that makes everyone feel better about themselves.

What are you proud of?

Start ups can naturally be chaotic. Being an office manager in this environment requires creativity, special mind-reading abilities, and an enthusiastic willingness to roll up your sleeves and roll with the punches. It feels great to know because of me, my team has what they need to do their job in a distraction-free and enjoyable environment. The work they do is so important!

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Deja ramos
Deja Ramos
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Briefcase icon@2x IMVU
Map pin icon@2x Half Moon Bay, CA

What inspires Deja's team?

Deja is the glue that keeps our 150+ person facility moving and motivated. She is the person who makes everything happen behind the scenes and right out front. Deja is there for us anticipating and responding to needs 24/7. She is truly a rare individual. Thank you Deja.

What are you proud of?

I’m most proud of my growth. I’ve been with the company for 6 years. Like how goldfish grow to the size of their aquarium, I’ve grown too. I’ve just continued to take on responsibilities and grow and grow and grow, and I don’t forget the personal touch. We have 148 people, and I know all their spouse’s names, their pets, their kids. It’s been 6 years, but I feel like I know them all. That’s what I’m proud of.

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Jamie randolph
Jamie Randolph
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Briefcase icon@2x Minerva Project
Map pin icon@2x Atlanta, GA

What inspires Jamie's team?

Jamie inspires me to be more selfless in the workplace. She is constantly taking on projects that fall out of her scope but contribute greatly to elevating the culture, happiness and productivity of the office. She does this all whilst maintaining her own workload and being a positive force of energy. Watching Jamie work motivates me to bring a similar level of reliability, positivity, and helpfulness to my teammates.

Why do you love what you do?

I love people, and I love making people feel like they matter. Figuring out whatever that means for each person is key. Everyone has a different way of feeling appreciated. I really love when people say, ‘Oh my god you read my mind’ or ‘How did you remember that?’ That’s what makes me happy.

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Cristin wolkenstein
Cristin Wolkenstein
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Briefcase icon@2x Betts Recruiting
Map pin icon@2x Fallbrook, CA

What inspires Cristin's team?

Cristin is selfless and always works for the best interest of our company. No task is beneath her, she is organized, kind, and a stronghold in our small close knit office. She is so collaborative and creative. Cristin is the glue that holds our office together.

Why do you love what you do?

I love learning people’s stories – where they are from, how their careers have transformed, how we can best work together, etc. Collaborating with others to achieve mutual goals is so inspiring and makes me love what I do. Bringing clarity and structure to something truly brings me joy.

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Jessica young
Jessica Young
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Briefcase icon@2x TINT
Map pin icon@2x San Francisco, CA

What inspires Jessica’s team?

Jessica is a powerhouse in our office. Not only has she tirelessly taken up the responsibility of keeping our office running like a well oiled machine, but does substantial work in HR. She is constantly enthusiastic and cool-headed, especially in the face of stressful times that happen often in our startup culture. We would not be where we are as a company were it not for Jessica.

What are you proud of?

I was the first non-product or sales hire at our company. I feel like I’ve been able to take our company really far in terms of internal operations and progressing our company and our culture. I take pride in knowing that they have the resources they need and that the office is a place where they don’t have to stress. I think that has been pretty crucial to the success that we’ve had so far.

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