Door Access Control | Security for Commercial Spaces in New York City Near You

Keep your employees and company assets safe with Security Services from Eden! Eden's trusted professionals in New York City near you protect you from theft and peril, both inside and out. Create an at-ease working environment by making your employees feel secure. Always better to be safe than sorry!

Examples of requests

  • "Our main entrance door has a buzzer system so that folks can use a keypad to buzz in or call up to get buzzed in. We'd like a better security control system."
  • "We need security door controls with digital card access added to our main entrance and internal office doors."

Save time, save money, and run a better workplace

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The best door access control service providers, competitive bids, and fast turnaround time

Using Eden's services marketplace, you can receive multiple bids on any door access control service that you may need to your office or commercial space.

We identify and onboard vendors who are recommended by real office managers in your city, and complete multiple reference checks to make sure they are great.

Eden guarantees the outcome you need. All door access control services are covered by our happiness guarantee (and a $1 million insurance policy).