Eden’s commitment to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Eden’s mission is to create a better place to work, for everyone. To truly live this we had to look internally and create a plan to create a more diverse and inclusive company and product. 
How To Make Office Meetings Safe Post COVID-19
Are your employees back in the office and having regular meetings? Here are some tips for conducting safe office meetings post COVID-19.
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How To Implement Social Distancing In The Workplace
Best practices for implementing social distancing in the workplace and minimizing the spread of germs in the office.
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How To Conduct A Remote All-Hands Meeting Effectively
Are you managing a remote workforce? Here are some tips and strategies for running effecting remote all-hands meetings with your team.
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Creating an Emergency Action Plan for Your Office
Prepare for any emergency situation at your office by creating a thorough plan for the safety of you and your coworkers.
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How to Run Effective One-on-One Meetings
Be a strong, organized communicator by leading well-organized one-on-one meetings with confidence.
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8 Must-Read Books for Office Managers
Managing an office successfully requires many skills that must be continuously refined and strengthened. Here are 8 must-read office management books we recommend.
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8 Ways to Manage Your Office Snail Mail More Efficiently
While the overall numbers on snail mail sent in the U.S. have slowly declined in recent years, businesses still receive a hefty volume of letters every day. Learn more about how to manage snail mail here.
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The 12 Most Desirable Company Perks in 2020
Company perks are no longer a nice-to-have. They are significantly impactful on employee retention and engagement, and speak volumes of how vested companies are in people’s success.
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How to Run a Retrospective Meeting With Your Team
Use a retrospective to productively reflect on a project or quarter and set your team up for success.
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Square Roots Farm Brings Fresh Greens Direct to The Desk

Take a tour of Square Roots Farm, an urban farming accelerator located in Bushwick, Brooklyn that is growing a real-food revolution.
The Botanical Cubicle: The Best Office Plants for Beginners
How to choose and care for the best plants for your office.
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Office Snacks May Make You Happy, but Are They Good for You?
These nutritionist-approved guidelines to choosing office snacks will keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive.
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Creating Workspaces for Growing Businesses
To help office managers who have never coordinated an office move, Managed by Q put together a panel of workspace design experts to share their best tips.
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Get Your Commute in Gear With a Bike-Friendly Office
How to set up a bike-friendly office and encourage your employees to bike to work.
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Designing an Open-Plan Office Where Your Whole Team Can Thrive
How to design your open-plan office so introverts and extroverts can thrive from All Hands, a Managed by Q publication.
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Happiness, Focus, and Productivity: The Power of Color in the Office
How to choose the right color for your office, whether you are repainting your workspace or refreshing your desk accessories.
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How Fractured Atlas Created Space For All Working Styles
How arts nonprofit Fractured Atlas took a budget-conscious, people-centric approach to their office redesign.
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Your Office May Be Killing You Softly: Inside Sick Building Syndrome
How Sick Building Syndrome, a buildup of toxic chemicals in office buildings, is difficult to measure, but concretely impacts workers' health and productivity.
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Bringing the Outdoors to The Office: The Sill Behind the Scenes
Tour The Sill’s lush workspace and learn about how they connect people with the perfect indoor plants.
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Nikki Richard Creates a Happy Home for Bark & Co Employees

Bark & Co Efficiency Manager Nikki Richard discusses how to build a workplace where team members feel engaged, connected, and at home.
How the Swedish Tradition Fika Helped Build Culture at TransferWise
Aditi Ramesh, Office Guru at TransferWise, implemented a company-wide coffee break called Fika to encourage team bonding.
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Balancing the Books and Building Office Culture at Idealist
How Sarah Lewis, Accounting and Office Manager at Idealist, balances building culture and managing company finances.
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How Kristine Suh Became Chartbeat’s Ambassador of Culture
Kristine Suh, Chartbeat’s People and Operations Manager discusses how she moved from office manager to human resources and emphasizes employee engagement.
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Working in Culture: Advice from Human Side of Tech Founder Vanessa Shaw
The founder of Human Side of Tech and producer of Culture Summit explains how to break into the culture field and what working in culture means.
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The Real Driver Behind Office Productivity
By increasing office manager bandwidth, other employees can shed office management or HR responsibilities that are not necessary to their job functions.
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Owls to Employee Experience: Regis Wakefield of Greenhouse
Regis Wakefield, Senior Manager of Employee Experience at Greenhouse, discusses how she streamlines operations and culture management.
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How to Master the Office Move with Datadog’s Matt Cherveny
Matt Cherveny, Office Manager at Datadog, explains the steps he took to plan an office move and welcome his colleagues into their new office.
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How Clara Lending's Carissa Spencer Cultivates a Kind Company Culture
Carissa Spencer, Office Manager at Clara Lending, discusses how she draws on her background in film production to create community in the busy office.
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Designing a Flexible Workspace at true[X]
How true[X], a digital advertising company, built a welcoming, flexible workspace and events space for their whole team.
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Advice for the Workplace Professional Perfectionist

Three workplace professionals share their advice for office managers on perfectionism, finding resources, and how to grow your career.
The Growing Role of Community Managers
The role of community manager is a great option for office managers looking to build their career in a growing field.
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Hiring and Onboarding: How Brandwatch Creates a First Impression
How Brandwatch communicates their culture and values to candidates throughout the hiring and onboarding process.
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Why Networking Events are Valuable for an Office Manager's Career
Networking events and groups offer office managers valuable advice and opportunities for community building and career advancement.
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Career Growth and Development in Office Management
Three members from the office operations teams at Asana, Everlane and Stitch Fix joined us to discuss career growth as an office manager.
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New to Office Management? Operations Experts Share Advice
Experts in office management share insights on the skills office managers need to succeed and grow in their role.
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Relationship and Career Building for Office Managers
Brian Sommer of WinterWyman discusses how career building helps staffing agencies match office managers to jobs that will further their careers.
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Professional Development for Office Managers
How professional development and continuing education can benefit office managers and administrative professionals at all career levels.
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How to Navigate the Administrative Career Path with Clarity Staffing
Erica Ravich of Clarity Staffing outlines how to build your administrative career path.
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Welcoming New Hires and Fostering Communication from Day One
Nik Aliye from the Shorty Awards discusses new hires, onboarding, and making employees feel welcome.
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