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COVID Team Safety

Solutions to keep workplaces safe in the COVID-19 environment
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Visitor Management

Keep your office secure - allow visitors to check in, sign NDAs and print credentials upon entry
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Modern Ticketing

Eden's dashboard gives workplace managers the ability to centralize employee tickets into a single stream and track accordingly
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Room Booking

Software to allocate your shared spaces and conference rooms
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Desk Reservation

Software to make desk reservations easier for your team
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Streamlined software that lets workplace teams work wonders.

Eden’s software helps you stay organized with easy-to-use tools and uses data to make better office decisions, helping your teams communicate more efficiently and increasing productivity around the office.

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3rd Party Integration

Eden integrates with the 3rd-party tools your team already uses to collaborate - streamlining your workflow to help you work wonders.

Office 365

We believe in getting more out of your workplace. So do our clients.

"The all-in-one nature of Eden’s workplace management software has made managing multiple workspaces effortless – and saves time, both for me and my employees."
Robert Hightower
Workplace Manager, UserTesting
"Eden’s software has been a game-changer when it comes to our internal facilities and operations procedures. We are very much looking forward to the future of Eden and taking advantage of the innovative software."
Kevin St. John
Regional Operations Manager, Breather
"The office is a major component of the employee experience. Eden’s tech savvy platform ensures that corporate real estate & facilities professionals have the ability to hire qualified partners. This ability is a crucial support as we develop and manage great work environments."
Cheryl P. Derricotte, AICP
Senior Manager, Facilities Ops & Places, Virta Health